Terms and Conditions

The beneath is written for you to ensure that we live up to your expectations.
We’re happy to clarify anything you have any questions about, please drop us a line.

Content/ Emergency Content Updates

  • If you have any agreed non-specific content updates covered in your monthly subscription these apply only to changes in existing content on the site which are able to be updated. Design changes and content to be included in areas which are not currently available on the site are expressly excluded. For the purpose of clarity, adding additional text to a page in existing formatting, adding additional reviews to feedback widgets and adding/replacing additional images to pre-existing galleries or carousels are included and are covered by this agreement. If you have any concerns or specific requirements for inclusions/ exclusions please ask us. These will be specifically noted in your first month’s invoice.
  • Content updates take place monthly by default. We ask that you supply via email any content to be added or changed in the week prior to the monthly anniversary of your subscription date. The requested updates will take place by the end of the week following. Delays in the provision of information and materials requested from the subscriber may result in a delay in any work undertaken of at least equivalent duration. This delay is not eligible for any resultant remedial action nor is it taken as a valid reason to terminate the subscription early.
  • Content updates may take place more frequently than monthly and/or on a client defined and agreed date but we ask that any content to be added or changes is supplied at least a week prior to any agreed date. Delays in the provision of information and materials requested from the subscriber may result in a delay in any work undertaken of at least equivalent duration. This delay is not eligible for any resultant remedial action nor is it taken as a valid reason to terminate the subscription early.
  • Any emergency content updates required to amend any business information both commercial and non-commercial including (but not restricted to) pricing, discounts, terms of services, opening hours due to unforeseen scenario or error on behalf of the subscriber will be completed free of charge as soon as time is available. This is limited to two occasions in any three month period.
  • Following completion & approval of your website design, supply of any additional media or content by Small Beans LTD is not included within your plan unless explicitly mentioned within your subscription. Where Content updates are included in a subscription it refers to content supplied by the subscriber unless expressly agreed and defined. It does not refer to the creation of new content by Small Beans LTD unless expressly included in your subscription. Content must be supplied by the timescales referred to above and meet the definition of “agreed content updates” as above.

Compatibility with Browsers & Operating Systems

  • We do not guarantee compatibility across all browsers and operating systems; like any other company we cannot do so.
  • Whilst we test across active modern browsers and operating systems we also cannot guarantee the future actions of third parties such as Microsoft or Apple and the impact of any updates or future versions. We supply working sites prior to the commencement of your monthly plan and ask that if any particular browser compatibility is important that you freely test your site to ensure compatibility.
  • Please note that we explicitly do not support Internet Explorer (Microsoft don’t either) due to it being outdated and containing large technical and security issues.

Discounted Plans (Local Businesses)

  • Customers on discounted plans are asked to consent to the use of their website name, likeness & image within marketing and promotional activity, which may also include, but not limited to, site & business name, ongoing cost & comparable market value. No personal details will be used except where permission is expressly given or where the website name uses any personal reference. Acceptance of these T&Cs are considered acceptance of this term.
  • We will respect any required embargo term prior to your website going live. Customers on discounted plans consent to the featuring of Small Beans LTD, name, likeness or logo within the footer of their website and links therein included. This will be included within any designs sent across for approval and will not be added to, enlarged or otherwise have any additional prominence granted once the designs have been signed off.

Domain Availability

  • If, due to the lack of domain availability, you choose not to proceed with a subscription after designs have been completed, to at least initial review, there will be a flat cost applicable of £80. This charge will be superseded by the higher rate of £250 if we have reason to believe you have acted with malicious intent. We highly recommend that you reserve, either by purchasing yourself or through us, your preferred domain prior to us starting your site design.

Downgrading or Cancelling your Subscription

  • You have the right to cancel your order without charge within 14 days of placing it provided that you have not instructed us to begin your service immediately. To retain your right to cancel without charge within 14 days you will need to request that your service begins after 14 days.
  • If you have instructed us to begin your service immediately you retain the right to cancel within 14 days but Small Beans LTD reserves the right to charge you for any service provided up to that point.
  • Service is defined as any action Small Beans LTD has taken in the course of carrying out your instructions which incurred any cost.
  • The act of “placing your order” is defined as paying any cost either monthly subscription or initial deposit.
  • Unless noted in your initial payment, you have told us that you wish us to begin this service immediately on placing your order.

Email Addresses

  • If you purchase an email address with your subscription the maximum allowable inbox size is 5GB. Small Beans LTD takes no responsibility for any loss caused by your email inbox reaching or exceeding it’s maximum size and it is the responsibility of the owner to remove excess and old emails to ensure it continues to be able to receive email.
  • Email forwarding addresses mean that any messages received aren’t stored on our servers and are forwarded to your existing account. As such we take no responsibility for any loss caused by emails which are not received whilst your configuration is correctly set up.

Extras – Limitations

  • Image optimisation limits are set at 5,000 per month for £1.99 (non-discounted price)
    Code optimisation limits are set at 5,000 per month for £1.99 (non-discounted price)
    If the combined option is taken monthly limits are 10,000 across both use cases for £3.50 (non-discounted price)
  • Additional limits may be acquired at discounted prices, please contact support@small-beans.co.uk
  • Bot blocking is capped at 2,500,000 requests per month. We do not anticipate our partners sites to come near to 1,000 requests per month.


  • Small Beans LTD reserves the right to recoup any costs incurred due to non-payment and any subsequent early termination of our agreement. If you are concerned about your ability to pay your subscription we encourage you to contact your Customer Support team via support@small-beans.co.uk at the earliest opportunity to discuss what possibilities are available.

Malicious Intent – For non-deposit Websites

  • It’s really important to us that we offer a design service prior to starting the subscription with a minimal deposit so we can ensure all of our partners are happy before incurring any costs. If we have reason to believe that you’ve intentionally wasted our time by requesting designs and/or amends with no intention of purchasing a subscription with us, we reserve the right to seek to recoup our costs at a rate of £20 per hour to a maximum of £250.

Malware/ Bad Actors

  • Small Beans LTD take no responsibility for any impact caused by the malicious action of bad actors on any provided service. Should your website be impacted negatively by the actions of others, Small Beans LTD will make every effort to recover your website as soon as possible without any additional cost to the subscriber. In the circumstance where due to malicious actions by others we are unable to restore your previous website, the subscriber has the right to cancel their subscription within 28 days without charge.

Remedies on behalf of the subscriber

As we work with a number of service providers to get you the best possible price and performance occasionally things may go wrong. Beneath we set out how we intend to make them right:

  • Delays in launching your website: Any delays resulting in a lead time longer than a week to place your website live once your initial payment has been made will result in a refund against your next monthly subscription of 10% for each full week of delay. This refund will be processed separately by Small Beans LTD and will not affect your direct debit payment.
  • Delays in agreed content updates: Any delays in content updates will result in a 10% discount on the next subscription period provided always that there has been no contributory delay from the subscriber. This refund will be processed separately by Small Beans LTD and will not affect your direct debit payment. Any consecutive missed content updates will enable the subscriber to leave their subscription without penalty.
  • Errors in agreed content updates: Whilst making every effort to avoid errors Small Beans Ltd accept no liability for any costs or charges incurred as the result of any mistake where subscriber instructions are undertaken with reasonable care and attention. Where notified about the error within two months Small Beans Ltd will offer a 10% reduction in the monthly cost of any subscription package for the next subscription billing period in addition to rectifying any error free of charge at the earliest opportunity. This refund will be processed separately by Small Beans LTD and will not affect your direct debit payment.


  • Prices are quoted for monthly services (your subscription payment period) and payment will be taken on the same date each month. In order to keep your website cost as low as possible we ask that you commit to a minimum term of a year for the initial website package to ensure we can pass on annual savings from our suppliers. Agreement to this document signifies your agreement to commit to this minimum term.
  • After the first year you may cancel your website at any time with 28 days notice. Before the first year you may request that your website is disconnected from your domain at any time, but you will remain responsible for the remainder of the annual cost. Any domain subscriptions we purchase on your behalf are purchased with an initial 2 year term due to supplier contracts. These are paid for upfront by Small Beans LTD and renewed annually. The renewal may be cancelled at any time prior to 28 days before the renewal date. Accepted cancellation of any other services is done separately from your Domain. In the instance that your domain is included as part of a package which is then cancelled there will be a £1.50 reoccurring monthly payment required for the remainder of the annual term which may be paid off in full by the subscriber at any time without occurring any extra cost.
  • Any add on services which are billed separately to your package, including Email Accounts, SEO services, additional backups, may be cancelled at any time with 28 days notice. Add on services which are billed as part of your package cannot be cancelled separately to your package as we discount individual items to create your initial package. You may request that any add on service is billed separately, this may increase the overall cost of your subscription if the service is discounted due to being bundled but you will be informed of any difference. Email Accounts must be deleted to avoid being charged for the following month, this includes any items stored on the server. Email forwarding accounts are not affected by this.

Payment by Direct Debit

  • Once you are happy with your website design, we ask that you pay by monthly direct debit to ensure non-interruption of service. We will enclose a link to our payment page within your initial invoice which will be sent to your nominated email address to set up your subscription. If we are unable to collect your subscription payment on your payment date we will try again. If we are unable to collect payments this may result in extra charges from your bank account provider. Small Beans accepts no liability for any charges arising from non-payment of your subscription.
  • If you wish to cancel your direct debit and end your plan we ask that you contact us at support@small-beans.co.uk within the required notice period as noted above in order to cancel. Not notifying us may result in Small Beans LTD occurring additional liability for service continuation. We may seek to reclaim any costs incurred where the required notice period was not given.
  • If you wish to claim a refund for any reason following your direct debit payment we ask that you contact us at support@small-beans.co.uk. Please enclose any evidence which may support your claim and allow us 28 days to respond prior to initiating any claims/ chargebacks via your bank. Not doing so may result in Small Beans LTD occurring additional costs from payment providers. We may seek to reclaim any costs incurred where this process was not followed. This does not affect your statutory rights.

Plugin & Site Updates Package

  • If you have a subscription to our Plugin & Site Updates package, separate to our Maintenance or All-In-One Packages, we will check monthly that your Website instance & any Plugins which you are running are kept up to date with the latest version.
  • In addition we will also carry out basic sanity checks across your site following each update and roll back any changes which negatively affect your site to ensure maximum uptime.
  • This package includes 24/7 Uptime Monitoring to ensure that even if nothing is broken at moment of rollout, any clashes which may occur in the future are monitored to enable fixing as soon as possible.

Product Updates

  • If we build an eCommerce (shop) website for you once your website has been built and your monthly subscription commences, unless otherwise agreed and specific number of products noted in your initial invoice, Small Beans LTD take no responsibility for updating, adding or removing products in your shop in any way.

SEO (Guaranteed Page 1) Option

  • This option guarantee to get a local keyword (must include a location) of your choice to page one within three months and keep you there for at least a week or we’ll give you your money back. This option requires that you give Small Beans LTD full access to the page you want to rank, including the ability to change content. We do not, and cannot, guarantee a total length of time beyond a week as factors like Google Updates, and Competitor Activity are beyond our control.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) Packages

  • If you subscribe to our Search Engine Optimisation packages we will work to optimise the number of agreed keywords defined by your package. Please note that due to how Google ranks web pages according to relevancy, this will often ensure that related terms also begin to rank.
  • Unless subscribed to our “guaranteed first page” option we make no guarantee as to the peak or continual performance of your site within Google and past success is no guarantee to future performance. It is up to Google’s algorithm how well a website ranks. Because of this unlike other add on services our SEO packages may be cancelled at any time with 28 days notice even if bundled in your monthly subscription cost.
  • Please bear in mid that the length of time a Domain has been active is a ranking factor and Domains above 6 months of age often perform better.
  • The ability for Small Beans LTD to carry out technical updates on your website depends on the access given to Small Beans LTD to your website code/ platform.
  • Our Monthly Technical & Content Site Audits are used to provide suggested updates to your website e.g. “Create paragraph describing your favourite local business including the terms [new business], [business office space] etc “. We do not create a shareable “report” due to the time cost involved.
  • Actionable points within content audits are not expected to vary widely without Google or competitor updates. These audits should be considered a free addition to the other Technical updates and are expected to be a minimal list of suggestions for content creations, please do not expect large amounts of suggested changes each time.

SEO Technical Updates

  • If you subscribe to our SEO technical updates you give us permission to amend technical data on your website, hereby defined as all information on the site which is not visible on-page content, in order to support your request to optimise your site towards your keyword goals.
  • Due to the time difference between any changes made on your site, [meta data, internal links, URLs, title tags etc] and between Google re-crawling your site you accept that Google may temporarily show out of date information/ links. Small Beans LTD takes no responsibility for any impact on your site or business as a result of this delay as we don’t own Google. Small Beans LTD will continue to request re-indexing after every update.

Service Interruption / Variation

  • If at any time during your subscription we are unable to continue to provide any service at the agreed level and agreed price due to circumstances beyond our control or third party suppliers we will endeavour to find you the next best option. We will discuss the options available with you and if no reasonable alternatives are available you will be able to leave your subscription without penalty. If by necessity we need to make any reduction in supplied services and you choose not to leave your subscription this will result in a decrease in your monthly subscription cost by the greater amount of either our standard pricing card or your current tariff. In some instances this saving may be greater than the price initially paid by you but will never be less.
    • If in the very unlikely event that Small Beans LTD should be prevented from being able to continuously (defined at above 99% uptime over any monthly period) host your website, should you decide to move your website we will waive all website transfer and ownership fees set out under this document and use all best possible endeavours to migrate your website to a stable hosting environment.
  • If due to circumstances Small Beans LTD is unable to support any level of additional service currently provided, hereby defined as anything separate to the continuous hosting of an existing customer facing website and any existing email inboxes, Small Beans LTD will notify you as soon as practically possible. For 28 days the subscriber has the right to cancel their subscription or any part thereof without penalty during this time as well as enjoying the waiver of all website transfer and ownership fees set out under this document.

Service Delivery Timings

  • As soon as we receive your initial monthly subscription we will place your website live within a week unless you have requested otherwise. This time period enables us to purchase and migrate your required domain as well as setting up any required email addresses. Additional services (e.g. Google my Business) may be completed later than your website’s go live date due to manual, required third party validations. Small Beans LTD disclaim any responsibility for late delivery of any service caused by third parties outside of our control.

Subscription Reviews

  • In order to ensure we can continue to support your website we will review your subscription (of any type) at the end of each annual period. We will recommend any changes to your plan based on your current usage and whether we believe there are any alternatives which offer you better value.

Upgrading your subscription

  • You may upgrade your subscription to add any available product or service at any point. Your requested upgrade will begin within 7 days of payment of the first payment of any additional subscription cost incurred. If your upgraded subscription includes site changes you will be provided with the estimated timings for completion for agreement prior to your subscription being modified.

Website Ownership

  • Due to the initial upfront investment required any created website is considered owned and copyrighted by Small Beans LTD who you grant license to use freely and without restriction any supplied copy or media for the creation and promotion of the website and associated services.
  • You may buy your website for a set fee of £79 if you’ve been with us for more than 6 months. This does not include any license costs fixed or one off that may be used for material or services utilised by your site. If you wish to continue to use any licenses there will be additional costs based on the licenses you wish to continue to use. Subscription based licenses will be transferred to your ownership where still available to be purchased & transfer of ownership is possible. One off licenses will be charged at cost price where still available to be purchased & transfer of ownership is possible. Please be aware that we use numerous licenses ranging from page builders to security plugins as part of your inclusive package for which we pay a monthly fee. As default unless additional costs mentioned above are paid these will be removed prior to transfer of ownership. This may remove functionality from your website and it should not be expected that it will continue to function as previously.
  • Any 3rd party services held under Small Beans LTD will also be discontinued after a period of 28 days following service termination date. Where possible and where required and requested we will transfer ownership. This may result in ongoing monthly costs.
  • Once you have purchased your website this will terminate your current subscription at the end of your current subscription period subject to any minimum terms as included in this document. Once the website is transferred into your ownership you will need to arrange your own hosting and maintenance. If you purchased your domain through us, where possible your domain is also transferable into your name for a set fee of £10. You may also wait for the current domain agreement to run out and re-purchase directly from an alternative company/ domain supplier but your domain will be available “on the open market” from when we cease to pay the supplier following termination of the existing agreement until you have re-purchased. The likelihood is that your domain will remain available but Small Beans LTD make no guarantee and have no influence on this.

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