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We like making amazing and exciting things for you. What you get should be surprising but only due to the high quality of our work and our low prices, not any T&Cs. Check them out, and drop us a line if you'd like to chat about any of them.


● All our prices are quoted weekly but we'll take payment every 4 weeks (defined as your subscription payment period) for the 4 weeks following to reduce the total number of payments you make. ● You may choose to pay annually for an even lower average cost. Payment will initially be taken at the same time as a monthly subscription but your subscription payment period will last a year and payment will be taken on the same date each year. 
Downgrading or Cancelling your Subscription
● You may change your requirements and monthly subscription at any stage whilst your designs are being created.● Once your subscription begins (defined as following your first subscription payment) you may downgrade or cancel your subscription at any point by giving us 28 days notice (defined as your notice period) by emailing us at ku.oc.snaeb-llams%40troppus. Your subscription will be amended or cancelled from the next subscription payment period following your notice period. This notice period allows us to cancel any third party suppliers without occurring any extra charges. For clarity once your subscription has begun if you are on a monthly subscription you will usually pay once more, and no further subscriptions charges, following your submission of your notice to cancel. This restriction applies equally to annual subscriptions but in which instance you may pay an early termination to end your annual subscription before the end of your current subscription payment period.● You have the right to cancel your order without charge within 14 days of placing it provided that you have not instructed us to begin your service immediately. To retain your right to cancel without charge within 14 days you will need to request that your service begins after 14 days.● If you have instructed us to begin your service immediately you retain the right to cancel within 14 days but Small Beans LTD reserves the right to charge you for any service provided up to that point.● Service is defined as any action Small Beans LTD has taken in the course of carrying out your instructions which incurred any cost.● The act of "placing you order" is defined as signing and returning any proposal we send you.

Upgrading your subscription
● You may upgrade your subscription at any point, for monthly subscriptions any upgrade pricing changes will take effect from the next subscription payment period at which point we will begin to carry out your services.● For annual subscriptions any upgrade pricing change will take effect within 28 days. You will be required to pay a pro-rata'd amount equivalent to the extra charges for the rest of your current payment period. Please note that it is usually always cheaper to add any required services before the commencement of an annual subscription period.● If your upgraded subscription includes site changes you will be provided with the estimated timings for completion for agreement prior to your subscription being modified. 
Payment by Bank Transfer
● Once you are happy with your website design, payment for the first month is to be made by Bank Transfer with the reference "Your business name". ● Following your initial payment, subsequent payments should be received within the 30 days following each invoice made on the monthly anniversary of your plan's starting date.● Monthly/ Yearly Plans: As the subscription is a set amount non-receipt of a subsequent invoice which has been sent to the required address is not considered reason for non-payment of the monthly subscription.● One off work/ Service Amendments: Work will not be started without a signed agreement. For service additions following your signed agreement to the quoted price as this amount is set, non-receipt of a subsequent invoice which has been sent to the required address is not considered reason for non-payment. ● The amount to be paid is specified within your proposal.
Payment by Direct Debit
● Once you are happy with your website design, we will send a link to our payment page to your nominated email address to set up your subscription. ● If we are unable to collect your subscription payment on your payment date we will try again. The inability of us to collect payments may result in extra charges from your bank account provider. Small Beans accepts no liability for any charges arising from non-payment of your subscription. 
● Payment reminders may be made at 7, 14 and 30 days after your payment date.● For monthly subscriptions if we are unable to collect payment within 30 days this may result in your service being suspended and your website may be unavailable until payment is received. ● For monthly subscriptions if we are unable to collect payment within 60 days this may result in immediate termination of our agreement.● For annual subscriptions if we are unable to collect payment within 7 days this may result in immediate termination of our agreement in order to reduce liabilities to all parties. ● Small Beans LTD reserves the right to recoup any costs incurred due to non-payment and any subsequent early termination of our agreement.● If you are concerned about your ability to pay your subscription we encourage you to contact your Customer Support Executive at the earliest opportunity to discuss what possibilities are available.
Service Delivery Timings
● Once we've agreed requirements the team will start working on your design immediately. We will provide you with a Go Live estimate based on the complexity of your requirements.● As soon as we receive your initial monthly payment we will place your website live within a week. This time period enables us to purchase and migrate your required domain as well as setting up any required email addresses. ● Additional services (e.g. Google my Business) may be completed later than your website's go live date due to manual required third party validations. ● Content updates will take place within the time-frame agreed in your subscription, e.g. weekly/ fortnightly/ four-weekly. Date specific updates will always be made on the required date.  Delays in the provision of information and materials requested from the subscriber within the date agreed within this document (date to be filled e.g. 1 week before required request) will result in a delay in any work of at least equivalent duration. This delay is not eligible for any resultant discount nor is it taken as a valid reason to terminate the subscription early.
Remedies on behalf of the subscriber
As we work with a number of service providers to get you the best possible price and performance occasionally things may go wrong. Beneath we set out how we intend to make them right:● Delays in launching your website: Any delays resulting in a lead time longer than a week in placing your website live will result in an automatic reduction in your next monthly subscription of 10% for each full week of delay, along with a respective time increase before your next current subscription period begins. (You won't be charged any amount for any weeks your website isn't live and you'll get a discount off the next monthly period when it is live).● Delays in agreed content updates: Any delay in content updates will result in a discount on the next subscription period equivalent to the service met provided always that there has been no contributory delay from the subscriber. E.g. a content update made a day late on a date specific subscription will receive a discount equal to the difference between the date specific cost - the weekly content update cost. A weekly content update made a day late will receive a discount equal to the difference between the weekly content update cost - fortnightly content update cost. Any three missed content updates (considered as a scheduled event) within a 2 month period will enable the subscriber to leave their subscription without penalty.● Errors in agreed content updates: Whilst very unlikely to occur and making every effort to avoid errors, Small Beans Ltd accept no liability for any costs or charges incurred as the result of any mistake where subscriber instructions are undertaken with reasonable care and attention. Small Beans Ltd will offer a 15% reduction in the monthly cost of any subscription package for the next subscription billing period in addition to rectifying any error free of charge at the earliest opportunity. Customers are reminded that they are under no obligation to accept any offer of payment made by any member of the public in these situations.
Content/ Emergency Content Updates
● Any emergency content updates required to amend any business information both commercial and non-commercial including (but not restricted to) pricing, discounts, terms of services, opening hours due to unforeseen scenario or error on behalf of the subscriber will be done free of charge as soon as time is available. Repeated content updates not covered by plan [defined as more than twice in a three month period] will automatically move the content subscription to the next chargeable level. This will be considered a service amend and you will be provided with a quote for this.● Supply of any custom required videos, images or copy sections for your website are not included within your plan unless explicitly mentioned within your subscription. (You will be quoted for these individually). Premium generic images will be supplied free of charge.
Subscription Reviews
● In order to ensure we can continue to support your website we will review your subscription (of any type) at the end of each annual period. We will recommend any changes to your plan based on your current usage and whether we believe there are any alternatives which offer you better value. 
Service Interruption 
● If at any time during your subscription we are unable to continue to provide any service due to unforeseen circumstances we will endeavour to find you the next best option. We will discuss the options available with you and if no reasonable alternatives are available you will be able to leave your subscription without penalty. If by necessity we need to make any reduction in supplied services and you choose not to leave your subscription this will result in a decrease in your monthly subscription cost by the greater amount of either our standard pricing card or your current tariff. In some instances this saving may be greater than the price initially paid by you but will never be less.  
Malicious Intent
● It's really important to us that we offer a free design service prior to billing so all of our partners are happy before incurring any costs. If we have reason to believe that you've intentionally wasted our time by requesting designs and/or amends with no intention of purchasing a subscription with us, we reserve the right to seek to recoup our costs at a rate of £20 per hour to a maximum of £150.
Domain Availability
● If, due to the lack of domain availability, you choose not to proceed with a subscription after designs have been completed for you there will be a flat cost applicable of £80. This charge will be superseded by the higher rate of £150 if we have reason to believe you have acted with malicious intent.
Website Ownership
● Our landing pages & Small Websites are unable to be transferred into your ownership but you can buy your website for a set fee of £79 if you've been with us for more than 6 months. This will terminate your current subscription at the end of your current subscription period. You will then need to arrange your own hosting and maintenance once your current subscription payment period ends. If we have purchased a domain on your behalf it is also transferable into your name if you wish to keep it for a set fee of £10.