And possibly the money, if you want to...

Sound great, for someone else?

If you agree that getting a professionally designed, built and maintained website at one (really) low monthly cost, with domain and hosting fees included is amazing(!) but not for you then we have a proposition you might like...
Pass us on to a person or business who you know needs a great all-inclusive website package at a great price and we'll give you 10% of their monthly cost every month, for as long as they're with us. It's our little way of saying thanks for creating that relationship. And yes there's no limit to the amount we'll pay you.
Plus we'll give them 5% off as well as an incentive to remember to let us know who recommended them.
And remember all our websites get a FREE design before any commitment, so you'll both know you're recommending a great deal!

Terms & Conditions
To claim, simply ask them to mention you to us at any stage of their purchase. They'll need to give us your email address so we can set up your payment. They've got until the end of their first billing period to do so (28 days after their first payment).
If we don't work out, or they decide not to continue with us, your monthly payments will stop.
You'll be paid within 28 days after we have received their first payment.
If they take an annual plan we will pay you the same 10% amount but as a lump sum covering all 12 months.
If they move to a more expensive all-inclusive website package at any point, we'll increase the amount we pay you. We won't increase the amount we pay you for any additional services they subscribe to including but not limited to SEO work or additional content updates.For the avoidance of doubt website packages to which this offer applies:Landing Page/ Small Site, Standard Website (Business), Ecommerce Package (Shop, User Access), Self-Service Ecommerce Package (Shop, Fully Managed).
There's no cap on the length of time we'll pay you or the total amount you'll get from recommending people.
This offer may be withdrawn for any new sites at any time but will not affect existing sites.
This offer does not apply to any plans sold under our "ourlittlehelp" offer as during COVID-19 we're offering plans at near cost value to help Small Businesses. However should your friend upgrade their price to our standard plan (with or without any other discount) we'll begin paying you 10% from their first payment onwards.
We may at our discretion choose to advertise packages at or near cost-price in the future. These are not eligible for the ongoing monthly reward provided they have been listed here as excluded prior to their purchase:Any subscriptions purchased under: