Get a Small Website or Landing Page for only £1.99 per monthOR Get a 50% discount on our Business Website packagesOR Get a Free Website Design or Re-design on Wix

Simply tell us about your Business and we'll create a Website for you. If you like it, claim your promotional discount.

We know that times are difficult for Small Businesses. Customer habits are changing and footfall on high streets has sharply declined. Knowing as we do that Small Businesses are the cornerstone of our towns and communities we feel compelled to help out as best as we can. Our Business is helping Small Businesses and Individuals move online. We believe that a good website attracts customers, helps you to stand out and builds communication. During these times we want to offer a lifeline by offering Small Businesses and Individuals a professionally designed and built website for only £1.99 per month (all costs included). We hope to be able to sustain this price for as long as necessary until we can all get through this crisis and back on our feet. We don't want to get sued by a supermarket but we really do believe that every little helps and together we'll all get through this.

David (Small-Beans Founder)

Things to know:
Our £1.99 per month offer is aimed primarily at businesses who want an informational site and to be found Online. It includes monthly content updates on a maximum of 3 pages. ● We're happy to build contact details or a submission form into your website so customers can contact you directly for quotes/information.● Alternatively we'll give you a flat 50% discount on all our other non-eCommerce plans. These plans come with serviced monthly content updates on unlimited pages, and our £3.99 (before discount) plan also grants you access to our website builder tool so you can update your website yourself at anytime. You'll also get free access to our CRM & analytics tools on our £3.99 (before discount) plan to help you respond to customers. ● If you're after an eCommerce site, as a Wix Partner we'll design & build the initial site for you for free. You'd only pay the standard Wix costs which are how much you'd pay if you did it yourself. We'll then pass it over to you for any updates.
Our £1.99 per month offer lasts forever, if you opt for the 50% discount on our non-eCommerce plans that also lasts forever.● Well that's our intention, when this is over if you're feeling generous please contact us and ask to go to our standard pricing but we won't be increasing the prices ourselves.
You can still cancel your plan at any time with 28 days notice regardless of the discount and at no cost.● We're here to help as a fellow small business, not be another additional cost.● If you choose our 50% discount offer and waive your 28 days notice option by signing up to a yearly contract (paid upfront) we'll increase the discount to 63% off as we get better terms from our suppliers.
We're a small company so if this offer is really popular they'll be a queue.● We'll aim to build all requests within a fortnight. Once we've built your website, we'll send it to you for review and you'll have 3 days to decide if you'd like to go ahead or not. ● No hard feelings if you decide not to go ahead.● We won't be storing the Website we built for you anywhere if you decide not to take this offer as it costs us to do so. Please don't re-apply as it limits the number of Small Businesses we can help.
If you take this offer we'll link out to your new site from this site in order to help other businesses see what they could get. It'll also help increase your SEO ranking so you get found in Google more easily.
Not sure what's right for your business? Talk to us and we'll get you the best package for you