Andover Locals - Website Packages

If you live in Andover or the local area get a mobile responsive website, professionally designed, built, hosted and maintained for you or your business at a very high discount. Because after an awful 2020 we want to help local businesses make the most of 2021!With fully inclusive costs, ongoing support, unlimited content changes, and technical & security updates for your website included; discover a new way to get your business online.

Our Four Types of Website Package for Local Andover Residents

All packages come with:

    Professionally Designed Website
    Hosting & Domain Costs Included
    No Upfront Cost
    Free SSL Certificate
    Free Technical & Security Updates
    Site Backups
    Ongoing Maintenance
    SEO & Analytics Starter Packs
    Option to add continual SEO for only £7.99 per month (75% discount)

Fully Maintained Website - Save up to 93%

Perfect for small businesses who want to capture leads, book appointments, advertise goods and maintain a professional online presence without the cost or hassle of a DIY website.

From £3.99 per week (Regular Price)From £1 per month on a subdomainFrom £1.99 - £5.99 per month depending on size (Andover Price)


Self Service Website - Save up to 62%

Perfect for those who want to make regular updates themselves with full access to our easy to use content management system and ongoing technical support for those urgent changes.

From £3.99 per week (Regular Price)From £5.99 per month depending on size (Andover Price)


Fully Maintained eCommerce Website - Save up to 75%

Perfect for selling online with fully customisable eCommerce functionality tailored to your business's needs. We can look after both your Website and your stock inventory as required.

From £5.99 per week (Regular Price)From £5.99 per month (Andover Price)


Self Service eCommerce Website - Save up to 75%

We'll give you full access to all aspects of your online store so you can change anything you want without delay whilst we continue to ensure it's running as smoothly as possible for your customers.

From £5.99 per week (Regular Price)From £5.99 per month (Andover Price)


Interested? Drop us a line and we'll arrange a call to customise a package to your requirements.

Prefer to use a DIY Builder WIX/ Squarespace/ Shopify?

Have you got a favourite website builder you'd like to use but simply want someone to set it up so it just works.We'll design and set up your new website on your builder of choice from only £49.99 £29.99 for the entire site. Plus if you'd like us to we'll maintain it from £4.99 £2.99 per month. Drop us a line beneath to find out more.

How it works


Get in touch

Use our contact form below to request your free website design or request a free consultation. Let us know that you're from Andover or a nearby location. We'll let you know the rough cost and send across our T&Cs to check we're a good fit for you.


Free Website Design

We'll design and build your website for free so you can see what it'd look like. If you'd like a Shop website we'll create your homepage and a few example product pages.


Confirm the details

If you're happy with how your website looks we'll send you a copy of our payment details. We'll also get your perfect domain set up.


Go Live

On receipt of your first months payment we'll add final polishes, connect your website to your domain, test, and launch!


Future Updates

We'll keep your website up to date with any agreed content updates as well as free technical & security updates


Why us?

Local - We live in Andover and we care about our local area and businesses in it; we use them!
Professional - Our team is made up of people who currently manage websites full time for large brands. That means we can keep our costs low despite bringing years of professional experience and development.
Affordable - We don't believe you should be paying obscene prices for your website, nor that you should have to hire your own Digital team. We're here to do that for you at less than £10 a month and often less than £5 a month.
Flexible - We know websites aren't static entities and we're happy to continuously adjust your website until it performs how you need it to.

Let's build something great

Please let us know how we can help create your businesses website. 
Simply drop us a line via the contact form or ku.oc.snaeb-llams%40troppus and we'll be in touch shortly to discuss how to make your requirements a reality. 

Thank you!

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